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JW Pet

JW Pet Spiky Cuz Dog Toy Assorted Large

JW Pet Spiky Cuz Dog Toy Assorted Large

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There is something about this toy that gets dogs really excited, which makes it an awesome reward during play training. AGDT uses JW's Cuz toys during our day programs because their rubber-latex design is ideal for rugged play, and it's gentle enough for teething puppies. Hint: the toy's squeak changes based on its size, which we've found to be a good way to keep our pups interested without sacrificing a less durable toy.

Caveat: Don't bring this one to the dog park. It's too exciting, and fights might erupt. This one's best for at home playtime, solo playtime, or playtime among dogs who are established good sharers.

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Hard rubber, squeaky, bouncy ball with feet to give your dog an extra dose of fun during playtime. All the benefits of an original CUZ with dental spikes. Fun squeaker secured in a casing & epoxied into rubber. A size for all dogs: Small, Medium, & Large. Made of durable natural rubber
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