Collection: Training Treats

There are so many treats on the market that it can be impossible to choose which are best. Here are the things you should consider:

1. Does your dog love it? 
We recommend that you carry a mix of high and low value treats with you during training. The ones your dog loves the most should be reserved for when they need great reinforcement!

2. Is it healthy?
There are so many healthy treats that dogs love, and you'll want to give them a lot of treats during training, so you'll want something healthy. Dog obesity is a real problem!

3. Can it be broken into teeny tiny pieces?
When it comes to treats, the number that you deliver is far more important than the size of the treat. Trainers tend to give out the smallest possible fleck of a treat, and most treats on the market are far too large!

It is also worth considering the mess factor. Dogs usually love wet and oily treats, but they create havoc with your clothes and make your hands stink. So, we prefer dry treats. Below are some of our faves! Give them a try. 

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