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Etta Says!

Etta Says Dog Sit Train Bacon 16oz.

Etta Says Dog Sit Train Bacon 16oz.

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To meet our standards, a treat must be high quality, nutritious, tiny, and delicious.
Why tiny? It must be tiny, or able to be broken into teeny tiny pieces for training so you don't have to give your dog huge chunks that will upset their tummy or make them overweight.

This one is a favorite among our day program regulars. They are small, easy to break up, and come in a wide variety of flavors to keep your dog engaged. But they're also greasy, fragrant, and a soft—making them irresistible to your dog. And, of course, they are made from high-quality ingredients, which is a must for us.

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Your pup will be a lifelong learner after he tastes Etta Says! Sit Training Treats Peanut Butter Recipe Dog Treats. These bite-sized, tasty treats are only three calories each—perfect for training sessions with your super-smart pal. They feature high-quality ingredients, including flaxseed and peanut butter flavor—a doggy favorite! And the limited-ingredient recipe doesn’t include any gelatin, corn, wheat or soy. Use them as a training reward or a low-calorie snack! These bite-sized treats are great for training sessions or a light snack for your pal. Made in the USA with ingredients sourced from American farms. Features all-natural ingredients, including flaxseed and peanut butter flavor. Only 3 calories each, perfect for reinforcing good behavior during training, or to give your pup a low-calorie snack. Contains no gelatin, corn, wheat or soy.
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