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Crumps Naturals

Crumps Natural Dog Mini Train Semi-Moist Beef 8.8 oz (250g)

Crumps Natural Dog Mini Train Semi-Moist Beef 8.8 oz (250g)

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To meet our standards, a treat must be high quality, nutritious, tiny, and delicious.
Why tiny? It must be tiny, or able to be broken into teeny tiny pieces for training so you don't have to give your dog huge chunks that will upset their tummy or make them overweight.

Crumps is AGDT's go-to brand for high value treats—and a favorite among our day program regulars. They are small, easy to break up, and come in a wide variety of flavors to keep your dog engaged. But they're also greasy, fragrant, and a soft—making them irresistible to your dog. And, of course, they are made from high-quality ingredients, which is a must for us.

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Every treat contains real Canadian beef along with 7 other quality ingredients that make these treats a highly nutritious snack for dogs of all ages. The trainer's small size makes them the perfect treat for the toy dog breeds and other small canines. Not only are they small, but they are also low-calorie and very useful for keeping your canine in shape during training. North American beef being the first ingredient in these all-natural, limited ingredient treats make them a great choice for training, puppies or picky dogs. Slowly baked to keep the flavour strong, combined with oats, a great source of protein, these semi-moist treats are also low calorie at 1.5 per treat. A soft and chewy texture and meaty flavour make these perfect for training or an everyday, rewarding treat. Benefits: ? Limited Ingredient ? High-Protein ? Perfect for training ? Made in Canada ? Chicken-Free

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