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Crumps Naturals

Crumps Naturals Beef Liver Bites 10o oz (280g) (100% Beef Liver)

Crumps Naturals Beef Liver Bites 10o oz (280g) (100% Beef Liver)

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Crumps is AGDT's go-to brand for high value treats—and a favorite among our day program regulars. They are small, easy to break up, and come in a wide variety of flavors to keep your pup engaged. But they're also greasy, fragrant, and a soft—making them irresistible to your dog.


Made from Canadian beef, the soft texture of these palatable morsels make them the perfect training treat. These freeze-dried dog treats are an ideal complement to a raw food diet! An all-natural single ingredient, grain-free treat made from 100% North American beef liver that promises a high protein treats with easy digestibility. Beef liver is freeze dried with no additives or preservatives to create a healthy protein treat that is perfect for all dogs and compliments a raw food diet. High protein treats are ideal for training, puppies, all life stages and the soft texture makes is also ideal for senior dogs. Our beef liver is a high protein source of iron, zinc and essential amino acids making it a healthy nutritious option for treating. Benefits: ? One Ingredient ? Made in Canada ? Low-Fat ? High-Protein ? Grain and Gluten-free

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