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Precision Pet Products

Precision Pet Products Exercise Pen Silver 30 in

Precision Pet Products Exercise Pen Silver 30 in

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Preventing problem behaviors is a lot easier than fixing established bad habits. Keep your puppy or new dog away from rooms with lots of tempting things to chew up or any place that you want to be dog free by using gates. Collapsible, folding gate systems (known as x-pens or exercise pens) are the most versatile way to coral your dog away from any part of your home. One gate can be moved around to different spaces as needed. During puppyhood, you can make it into a circle, for total containment, and as your dog gets older, it can be used to block off important places, like entertainment centers with a lot of electronics. Or, it can be folded up and used just like a gate in a doorway.

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Precision 18in Silver Pro Handler Exercise Pen with Snaps(Choice Play Yard): Tough durable and portable exercise pen features easy set-up design with dual-folding hinges that make it easy to add or remove panels. The dual-folding hinge folds flat in either direction for easy non-invasive storage. The durable construction includes eight 2 ft. wide panels totaling 16 feet in length. The pen has a zinc electroplate finish added after welding to reinforce protection and increase the pen's value. This versatile play yard allows you arrange in your choice of layouts. Offered in a variety of heights. Bolt snap fasteners Included. Color: Silver. Size: 18inH.

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